Locker Room & Athletic Equipment

Using Reset In the Locker Room & on Athletic Equipment

Reset CLO2 Tablets safely removes mold & mildew, smoke and all other organic & chemical based odors from locker rooms, athletic equipment & uniforms, furniture, padded benches, upholsteries, carpets, rubber mats, bathrooms, kitchens, coolers, refrigerators.

Non-Staining. No Fragrance. No VOC’s. No Residuals. No Rinsing/No Wiping required.

football locker room with equipment

STEP 1: Reset Impacted Surfaces with ClO₂ Liquid

Simply add pre-measured, color coded Reset CLO₂ Tablets to water and ANY UNIVERSAL SIZE opaque container or dispersion tool to generate desired concentration or application requirement.

Apply Reset (M) or (H) liquid into the atmosphere and onto all porous & non-porous surfaces with a mop, sponge, pump sprayer or non-thermal fogger.

Step 1 is often not required when using Reset Vapor Mold Removal Level.

STEP 2: Reset Environment & Its Contents with ClO₂ Vapor

3 to 24 hours treatment time depending on severity of issue

Create a confined space. Select Reset Deodorize Level or Mold Remove Level. Follow Vapor activation instructions.

Open hatches to air-out CLO₂ from the confined space before reoccupying.

STEP 3: Re-Occupy Space

Open windows to air-out CLO₂ from the confined space before re-occupying if using the Vapor protocol.

Pour residual Vapor concentrate down toilet or drain.

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