US Brewery Industry (Active) Chlorine Dioxide Standard Protocols:

  • Liquid: 0.5ppm to 500ppm on porous & non-porous surfaces
  • Tank & Line: 50ppm to 500ppm

Proven safe on brewing & process equipment, steel, plastic, rubber mats, animals, humans.

Using Reset In a Brewery

ClO₂ is used globally in a wide variety of standard usage applications including breweries.

Brewery: process equipment, tanks & lines.

ClO₂ features: No Rising or Wiping Required, Non-Masking, Non-Staining, Non-Corrosive, No Fragrances, No VOCs, Near Neutral pH, No Enzymes.

clean glasses of ice cold beer

STEP 1: Reset Impacted Surfaces with ClO₂ Liquid

Simply add pre-measured, color coded Reset CLO₂ Tablets to water and ANY UNIVERSAL SIZE opaque container to generate desired concentration or application requirement.

Apply Reset CLO₂ at required ppm liquid into the atmosphere and onto all porous & non-porous surfaces with a mop, sponge, pump sprayer or non-thermal fogger.

STEP 2: Reset Tanks & Lines

beer tanks in facility

Only ClO₂ eliminates and removes bio-fouling in ‘head spaces’ and within transfer lines

Use pre-sized Reset Tablets.  See Tank & Line chart below.

Tank & Line Generation Table
Total Tank CapacityReset Tablet Required
5-10 Gallon1 Green Tablet
10-20 Gallon2 Green Tablets
55 Gallon1 Red Tablet
110 Gallon2 Red Tablets
240 Gallon4 Red Tablets