Typical ClO₂ Usages

Low (L) Concentration 10 ppm

Agriculture and Horticulture Equipment
Process Water
Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)/Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

Medium (M) Concentration 100 ppm

Standard Usage/Concentration
water dripping
Organic and Chemical Odor Elimination
mold, mildew, smoke, garbage, vomit, urine
Auto, Truck, RV, Marine, Boat
cabin interiors, upholsteries, galley's, heads, bait wells
Animal Environments
confinement areas, cat boxes, kennels, cages
Athletic Equipment & Professional Uniforms
high school, collegiate, military, prison, police, fire
Bathroom, Gym & Locker Room
atmosphere, toilets, tiles, showers, mats, waiting rooms
Home, Hotel & Apartment
furnishings, clothing, bedding, carpets, upholsteries
Horticulture & Agriculture
process equipment, teat & wastewater treatments
Medical Hard Surfaces (Non-Food Contact)
dental, hospital, senior centers, veterinary, mortuary
Nursing Homes, Daycare Centers, School & Church
Tanks & Lines, Cooling Towers, Potable Water Systems
Ventilation & HVAC Systems
boats, RV's, homes, apartments, bars, restaurants
Washing Machines
clothing & dish

High (H) Concentration 500 ppm

5X Standard Medium Concentration
mold all over ceiling

Note: High Concentration is for Extreme Application Challenges & Environments

ClO₂ Activation
Simply add Reset Tablets and Paks to water and any universal sized container to generate your desired liquid or vapor ClO₂ solution.
ClO₂ Application
The product works as it dries, so surfaces and atmospheres only need to be lightly wetted for ClO₂ to be effective.

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