ClO₂ Vapor Overview

ClO₂ Vapor Overview

Chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) vapor is an exceptionally effective and versatile yet low toxicity odor, mold & smoke eliminator.

Only ClO₂ may be generated and used as either a ‘gas vapor’ or ‘liquid’ in the atmosphere and on non-porous & porous surfaces.

ClO₂ is a water soluble gas which penetrates the visible and non-visible barriers spraying, fogging, mops, sponges, can not. The objective of Vaporing is to release as much of the ClO₂ from the concentrate into the atmosphere as possible.

ClO₂ is a very small molecule 0.124 Nanometers in size . There are roughly 8 Chlorine Dioxide Molecules in 1 Nanometer. 1,000 Nanometers = 1 Micron.  e.g., ClO₂ vapor can penetrate into very small areas.

As a gas ClO₂ will completely and evenly fill any confined space, giving it unmatched distribution and diffusion.

No post ClO₂ vapor application rinsing or wiping is required.

Simply air out the confined space before re-occupying it.

Chlorine dioxide vaporing has been safely performed by US auto detailers and restoration companies for over 15 years.

Step 1


Create and/or seal treatment area so that it is a ‘confined space’ without direct sunlight; i.e. close windows/doors/shades, etc. Remove all visible odor sources.

Then remove people, plants and pets from the ‘confined space’ during the treatment period. Furniture and general room contents will not be harmed by ClO₂ Vapor Treatments.

Step 2

Select Reset Usage Level.

Use (M) Deodorization Level to reset to neutral any environment & its contents from wide-spectrum pungent & resistant odors.

Use (H) Mold/Smoke/Trauma Removal Level for extreme issues. We do not recommend using Reset Vapor (H) Level for any content (clothes/furniture/Auto/RV interiors etc.) odor removal, as fading can occur.

Step 3

Vapor Activation

Fill desired & corresponding container with tap water. Drop the appropriate RESET Tablet/Pak into the water to generate your desired Vapor concentration. Use multiple Tablets/Paks, buckets and cups for large highly fragmented spaces.

The product will begin generating chlorine dioxide vapor in roughly two minutes time.

Step 4

Vapor Activation Treatment
3 to 24 hours – depending on issue severity

Place Reset ClO₂ and its container in center of the ‘confined space’.

Evacuate all humans, pets & plants from the confined space for the entire treatment period.

Step 5

Air-out the ‘confined space’ before re-entering and re-occupying

If you smell a chlorine-like odor, continue to air-out space.

Safely dispose the remaining ClO₂ solution down toilet/drain.


For best results, use a small aerator to agitate the Reset CLO₂ concentrate when using Reset Red, Purple and Black products. Any low cost, $10 Amazon sourced fish-type.

Aerators are highly effective at rapidly pushing ClO₂ out of the concentrate and shortening treatment times, but are not required with any Reset product. Without aeration, ClO₂ vapor will release from Reset product concentrates for up to 24 hours.

Recommended Vapor Activation Containers

Red 20g Tablets
Use a 16 oz disposable plastic cup with 4-6 oz of tap water.

Purple 200g Pak
Use a 5 gallon bucket. Add 1/2 gallon of cold tap water and then add the Reset Tablets or Paks.

Black 500g Pak
In a 5 gallon bucket, mix Part A in 1 gallon of cold tap water for 10 seconds. In a separate 5 gallon bucket, mix Part B in 1 gallon of cold tap water for 10 seconds. Then pour the Part B mix into the Part A container/mix to activate the ClO₂ vapor.

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